Friday, August 27, 2010

We made it to Boston!

So I let the blog go: sorry.
It was getting too stressful trying to upload pictures and a find places with wi-fi, etc. But we made it! And now I have use of my brother's fancy new computer so the pictures are getting uploaded to Facebook. You can view the three albums that comprise the trip! The first one documents our trip from our first stop in Ojai, CA through a drunken night in Vegas. The second one has the pictures from the Hoover Dam through Nashville, which includes the Grand Canyon, Sedona, AZ, Austin, TX, New Orleans, Graceland, and a few scenic views in between. The third one shows our adventures at the Jellystone Campground in Mammoth Caves, KY to Chesterton<>
Josh took this video at the Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar in Nashville, TN. He also took a LOT of cool sign photos so we'll compile those all together and make a blog that's actually about signs, coming soon. That's it for our travels for a while. Now it's back to real life, if a totally different one than what we've been used to. Stay tuned for the cross country sign blog though.

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