Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Real Life=Back to a SIGN blog!

Today we're moving into our new apartment and school starts next week for me, which means it's back to real life! Josh is starting to get Best Dressed Signs out there on the world wide web, so we have a new Facebook page. Become a fan!
We also got a new computer (!!!) so we can easily upload photos. Check out the pictures of cool signs we saw all across the country on Josh's new Best Dressed Signs flickr account. There's a variety of signs that we liked, from gold leafed, hand painted, neon, to ghost signs from yesteryear.
Stay tuned to this blog as it will chronicle Josh's transition from a laid back New Bohemian to a bad-ass Boston Best Dressed Sign Painter!


  1. Laid back... The east coast boy in me doesn't yet know how to accept the Californian man I've become: I'm oscillating from proud to insulted and back!

    And now, y'all going from "laid back to bad ass"... Having taken the boy out of California, can you strip the California from the man? I hope so: I was just looking at a photo essay of "top world cities", and the shot of Boston involves a college kid trudging through the aftermath of a blizzard... I've been there, but still, the San Franciscan in me is appalled that people have to live that way in this day and age.