Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bye Bye Blogger!

Long lost Blogger followers!

Obviously I've dropped the ball on this blog for the last year or so but that's all about to change! In fact, there are a lot of changes happening for Best Dressed Signs right now, including a major surge in business and exposure (thanks in major part to Josh being featured in Sign Painters, the companion book to the forthcoming documentary also called Sign Painters and all the media attention that's been getting), a new website, a few interns, and a boost in management (that means me!).

To keep up with all the demands of a rapidly growing business in the rapidly changing world of the internet, we're moving our blog to Tumblr. This one will still remain here as an archive (so we can remember how happy and thankful we were to get our first sign job in Boston and that we were reaching 100 Facebook followers!) but in order to reach an ever-widening audience, we feel it's best to move where the party's at and apparently for the time being, that's Tumblr (am I even right about that? Maybe there's already something even newer and better that I'll join years from now thinking I'm on top of my social media shit).

So please follow us on Tumblr (and Facebook and Twitter and Flickr and Pinterest and maybe even Instagram soon--jeesh!) to keep up with our every move! We're even planning to start keeping a video diary (maybe on Vimeo? Is that the latest and greatest?)!

The Best Dressed Blog may be moving, but Best Dressed Signs isn't going anywhere!