Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Orleans!!!

It's official. This computer will not allow me to upload photos without a WHOLE lot of time and trouble, so you'll all have to just come over for the slide show. ;)
So we're in New Orleans in a Holiday Inn just off Bourbon St: A HUGE step up from the Motel 6 in Lafayette, LA where we stayed last night. I think someone may have been murdered in our room at some point in the past. What I do know has not happened there is any cleaning of the toilet recently. We were planning on staying at a KOA, as we had a fantastic experience at one in Kerrville, TX just before Austin, but it was TOO HOT and we were too tired so we sprung for a crappy motel.
Speaking of Austin: WOW. When we arrived it was about 100 degrees and nothing was open on 6th St so we (for some reason) decided to walk up to the capital. Pretty. And pretty boring, so we bar hopped, ending up at Lovejoy's where we met a very friendly local named Kevin who told us about Barton Springs, a public pool fed by natural spring water. What an oasis! We cooled off, went to a rockabilly club on South Congress and slept (barely) in oppressive heat in the van before we promptly drove back to Barton Springs in the am, ate a snow cone and headed to Lousiana.
We arrived in New Orleans around 5:00 this evening and walked around Bourbon St drinking extremely touristy Hand Grenades and ducking into bars to pee. We decided to walk to Jackson Sq to check out some historical buildings and on the way back to the hotel we ran into my old friend from the beginning days of Whole Foods (2002), Josh. What a CRAZY coincidence! I'm still blown away! He's moving his friend, Nija, to Chicago and it looks like we'll be there around the same time too! What a small world! Okay, so I'm pretty drunk on 2 hand grenades and a few Abitas (a local brew) so I'll end this rant now. More to come!
I got SOME of our photos up on Facebook, from Ojai through Vegas. You can see them here if you have a Facebook account.

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