Monday, August 9, 2010

El Paso, TX

Apparently you're allowed to park in Walmart parking lots all night long and sleep there. They even provide free security. That's where we woke up this morning in El Paso, after driving about 8 hours from Sedona, AZ. Yesterday was a big day in Arizona. After leaving Williams, we drove up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon where the fog was rising from the depths. Maybe not Italicthe best day for visibility but still really cool.

We arrived in Sedona at sunset and it was breathtaking. Josh took a lot of pictures of hand painted signs. (Remember, that's what this bog is supposed to be about.) Here's one example.

Today, we're trying to make our way all across Texas to Austin, although we'll probably have to stop somewhere and camp tonight before we make it. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to post pictures. I'm thinking maybe Facebook, but I'll let you know. We got some good ones! Next stop, Austin, TX!

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