Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 2011 Best Dressed Signs Year in Review

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2011 was a busy year for Best Dressed Signs! In addition to cranking out signs for Orchard Skateshop, Facebook, Follow the Honey, Goorin Brothers, and a new glass gild for Chameleon Tattoo, among others, Josh also participated in five gallery shows and completed his first year of grad school! 

In February and June, Josh showed work at the Summit Gallery and Guerrero Gallery, both in San Francisco before beginning work on the behemoth sign for the new Facebook office in NYC. In November, Josh contributed work to the Type Show  and the Hundreds Show, both at the Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham, MA while also curating and showing work in the Pre-Vinylite Show at Orchard Skateshop. In the midst of this artistic frenzy, Josh and Kenji Nakayama conducted a sign painting demo at Orchard in which they shared their knowledge with a sizable group of sign enthusiasts! Josh was interviewed about the Pre-Vinylite show and sign painting demo by Boston's Weekly Dig magazine. You can read the article here

As the year is winding down, Josh is gearing up! He is currently working on a piece for another upcoming art show at Guererro Gallery called An American Language and he's been commissioned to paint the chapter titles for the forthcoming companion book to the Sign Painter Movie. All before beginning a new outdoor job painting a plaza on the Harvard Campus. Gotta pay the rent!

Stay tuned for more adventures in sign painting in 2012!!


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