Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best Dressed Signs' photostream

Orchard skateboard graphicMCTSMCTSMCTSMCTSMCTS
MCTSMCTSMCTSMother's RuinMother's RuinMother's Ruin
Mother's RuinMother's RuinMother's RuinMother's RuinMother's RuinHEAD
Transoms1037 Beacon St.Harvard University Harvard UniversityHarvard University Brushes

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  2. These are such cool signs! I especially love the one in the top left hand corner. The lettering is really awesome. I'd totally get a tattoo there just cause the lettering is cool. ;) My best friend and I went to London for Spring Break last year and we walked past so many cool shops. We loved going into the one's that had cool signs; they attracted us into the coolest places. We found vintage clothing shops, used/new book stores, and fun souvenir shops.

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  4. Those are some really nice signs, and the fact that they're hand-painted makes them even more impressive to me. How long does it typically take to make one of those signs? I imagine it'd take a while to make sure that everything is perfect. I'd certainly take my sweet time doing something like that, since it's not something that I'd want to mess up.
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