Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Dressed Signs' First Bid in Boston!

Some nice gold leaf on Newbury St. Boston, MA

Today we visited our first potential customer in Boston at the Chameleon Tattoo and Piercing Shop in the Garage in Harvard Sq. They are one of the first tattoo shops in Boston, as tattooing was not legal in Massachusetts until 2001! (Crazy, I know. We all had to go and get shitty New Hampshire tattoos by curmudgeonly old Vietnam vets with American flag parachute pants back in my day! Mine are all covered up by now.)
The guys at Chameleon were PSYCHED! Josh showed up all professional with a Bid Inquiry Sheet adapted from one from New Bohemia. The old shop is really helping us out here in Boston. Couldn't do it without 'em!
On our way to Harvard Sq today, we also stopped by Stingray Tattoo on Harvard Ave in Allston to inquire about their need for signs and not only do they want and need some, but the owner, Scott, is an old friend of my sister's who I first met when I was 14! Small world!
Big day for Best Dressed Signs! Boston is the perfect venue for this burgeoning business!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Real Life=Back to a SIGN blog!

Today we're moving into our new apartment and school starts next week for me, which means it's back to real life! Josh is starting to get Best Dressed Signs out there on the world wide web, so we have a new Facebook page. Become a fan!
We also got a new computer (!!!) so we can easily upload photos. Check out the pictures of cool signs we saw all across the country on Josh's new Best Dressed Signs flickr account. There's a variety of signs that we liked, from gold leafed, hand painted, neon, to ghost signs from yesteryear.
Stay tuned to this blog as it will chronicle Josh's transition from a laid back New Bohemian to a bad-ass Boston Best Dressed Sign Painter!