Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Day of Work

Yesterday was both Josh's and my last day at work: quite a different experience for each of us. Josh had a career here in San Francisco as a respected artist, whereas I had a job, and a crappy one at that (though I love my co-workers, friends that are like family who I will miss beyond words but dear God am I glad to be out of there!). Josh's experience at New Bohemia has spawned a life path that he is ready to bring east.
Josh's last job at New Bohemia was Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach where he got a final chance to showcase his talent alongside his revered boss, Damon Styer, whose blog about his adventures in sign painting can be viewed here. I mostly just stood around yesterday.
After work we went over to the Eagle Tavern where we enjoyed some beers with our co-workers and some of San Francisco's finest leather daddies. Today Josh and I were audience members at the final taping of View from the Bay, a local daytime talk show. What a range of characters we experienced in the course of 24 hours: from bears and metal heads to Oakland church ladies singing gospel songs during the commercial break! I love this town.
We have less than a week now to get all our stuff together before we fly to Seattle for our friends' wedding. We get back next Saturday night and we hit the road on Sunday, August 1st. The first leg of our trip will include a visit with our friends Nick and Fanny in Ojai, followed by a visit to LA and then we're off to Vegas! We'll keep you posted along the way so stay tuned for our Blog Across America!


  1. We'll be following you all the way to Massachusetts!

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  3. Can you move the link to 'flickr' from "Dwindling Days" to somewhere more convenient to view your photos. Waiting for your next post!