Thursday, June 24, 2010

BD Signs has been hijacked!!!

That's right: it's a mutiny. I'm taking over this blog because, simply, I will actually utilize it. This is Meredith, by the way, Josh's fiance.
We will be leaving San Francisco soon for eastward adventures and we'll be driving across this great country of ours. I personally have never successfully driven across country (two attempts, two car accidents: long stories. Third time's a charm?) and I'm more excited than I can express. We plan to chronicle our adventures in this here blog and to make it all cohesive, we plan to find old hand-painted (or not) signs along the way and post them here. I hear there's an old neon sign graveyard of sorts in Las Vegas and that sounds awesome. Also, I want to thrift across country (thank you so to make this usurpation worth it, you'll have to hear about my passions too: Clothes!!! Vintage clothes!! Thanks for reading. We'll see you on the road!

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